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My mission is to cultivate a compassionate space where people can embark on a journey of understanding dying, death, and grief. My aim here is to foster learning about the intricacies of loss that are not only encouraged but embraced. It's my heartfelt belief that acknowledging and expressing sadness is a vital aspect of the human experience, and through this acceptance, we as humans can discover the depth of our capacity to feel all things like sadness and joy. Welcome to a space dedicated to the exploration of grief—a place where it's not only okay to feel but where your emotions are honored and nurtured on your path to healing.



My vision is to be a light of compassion and hope, creating a community where grief is honored as a sacred journey. I see a world where individuals, supported by coaching, can embrace their grief with belief in their own resilience. Through compassionate guidance, I aspire to cultivate an environment where healing flourishes, and the journey through grief becomes a path of self-discovery, renewal, and enduring hope.

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