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My Message: 

Grief is not only the death of loved one. It can be one over 40 differently types of loss not limited by someone else opinion if it feels like a loss to you, lets honour that. All who grieve are welcome here. If you love you will grieve. 


In our society, conversations about dying, death, and grief are often met with discomfort and fear. The unknown can be daunting, and societal norms tend to shy away from anything other than joy. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Here, I believe in breaking the silence surrounding these natural aspects of life. Dying and death are part of the human experience, and grief is a valid emotion. If we love we will grieve. By fostering open, compassionate dialogue and offering support, I strive to show that facing these realities can be a profound and even transformative journey. Let's shift the narrative together—embracing the inevitable, understanding grief's nuances, and finding peace in the midst of life's hardest transitions.

My core Values are:

Honoring the Individual: I value the uniqueness of each person's grief experience. In this  space individuals can feel free to express their emotions, thoughts, and experiences without fear of criticism, judgment or analysis. Together creating an atmosphere of trust and openness.

Inclusion and diversity: I value, respect and honour cultural customs and traditions related to grief, death, and mourning.

Continuous Learning: I value ongoing education and professional development to stay informed about new research, therapeutic approaches, and best practices in grief coaching. 




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