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Anchored Grief Recovery provides support to anyone who is grieving. Anchored Collective transformed  into Anchored Grief Recovery in 2020 from being an a successful little apparel company.

Why tho? 


 After taking The Grief Recovery Program, Kathie felt this was the change she was looking for and what she needed to bring to the table. It changed her life and she felt so strongly in spreading the word to help others and changing the narrative regarding grief and showing our true feelings. Kathie is also trained in Trauma informed facilitation, as well as completing the Science of Hope Program, Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program all through the Imagine Institute of learning.


Kathie has experienced many losses in her life and just recently lost her husband of almost 43 years to stage 4 stomach cancer in January 2023.  Kathie is a griever too.  She understands the method and believes in it. The program has helped her significantly in dealing with the most recent and devastating loss her husband. She understands that grief a normal and natural part of loss.  She is embracing the process grief and the healing knowing its never about forgetting its about working through the pain of our loss and moving forward with the right tools. 


Creating a safe space is of the utmost importance to Kathie.  


Kathie's heart is for creating a community that is welcoming and ready to listen, sharing education and experience, and offering whatever she can to help others work through the pain of their losses using The Grief Recovery Method.


Kathie is proud to be a reliable source of comfort, compassion, and understanding. Her goal is to help her community by assisting in completing what is incomplete, teaching important practices, and offering additional resources for this journey called life.  


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