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Now what coaching..

This program isn't just for people who have gone through the Grief Recovery Program, although it is a very useful tool in recovery from the pain of loss.  These packages are available to anyone struggling with the now what part of your life after significant emotional loss. 

You may have a sense of hope and also a sense of who am I now.  Now is a good time to find your way to you. The new version of yourself, you are not the same after a significant emotional loss. You might feel ready to make some changes but need some help getting started. Often, we feel ready in our heads, but not sure if we are ready in our hearts. What you know is you need to make a change. Step back into fully living a life of passion and purpose.

My role is to help you shift from the fear of "Now What" into moving into a place of calm.  A place where you step back into the driver seat of your life.

Together we will uncover your hopes and dreams for your future.

This new phase of your journey can be a exciting, confusing and challenging.  It can be conflicting.  This is natural you are about to make some changes. 

You might be thinking of making a minor or a major change to rebuild your life after loss. You may have some things you have been avoiding because of the fear of moving on.  You are moving forward, not forgetting. We now walk carrying our grief with us, but it doesn't have to define us. It is apart of you and there are many parts to who you are.  

I will listen to your vision and if you are unsure, we can draw it out together. 

I offer an hour coaching session once a week where we will talk about where you are in this moment and work towards where you want to be. Each week we will go over the previous week, acknowledging the good and working on the things that need more attention. Honesty is key here.  Together we will create action plans to move you forward one step at a time.

You will begin to find the pieces of yourself that have been hidden under all the pain you have been carrying. As these parts come into the light you will begin to see you can do things you hadn't believe were possible until now without ever forgetting the person, place or thing you have lost.  You can step into your power. 

I will guide you through a process of discovery.  Gently pushing you if you need. I will ask questions to help you unlock what is in you. I will listen to your new hopes and dreams without judgement.

Package #1

4 weeks - Includes a discovery call and an action plan and 1 hour zoom call each week.  


If needed you can book another 4 weeks at an additional cost of $350.00 only for clients who have completed the first 4 weeks.

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