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Currently in transition. Adding End of Life Doula/guide to my services in 2024 as well as Grief support and education. 

I will be offering grief education and support. Using The Grief Recovery Method and other support practices. 

 I will also be offering End of Life Doula support in 2024. 

End-of-life Doulas provide non-medical, practical, emotional, spiritual, and physical care, and support to those living with serious illness, their family and caregivers, beginning when guidance is sought out. Doulas can offer guidance i n the hospital, at home, before hospice and lasting throughout the dying time and afterwards. Most who pursue this line of work have been deeply affected by the death of someone close to them and seek to help improve the end-of-life experience for others. Our goal as doula's is to enhance other care received and collaborate with medical, palliative care, and hospice team members. 

An End of Life Doula is something I wished we had had when my husband went through his transition.  My heart is to empower dying people and their loved ones. Offering support, encouragement, tools and loving support. 

Keep checking in and if you have any questions please email me. 

Love, Kath 

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